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Director of Communications and Development for the National Council of Churches.

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Know Your Neighbor: Essentially American, Essentially Christian (podcast)

At a time in American history when technology has provided more possibilities for connection, unfortunately, society seems to be more fragmented and fearful than ever.   In the coming years, will religion be something that brings us together or drives us apart?  What misconceptions do each of us hold about another person’s faith that make
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Forty Faith Organizations Sign Court Brief Defending The Clean Power Plan

Washington, D.C. – Today the National Council of Churches, along with a coalition of 39 other religious organizations, submitted an amicus (“friend of the court”) brief in support of the Clean Power Plan, the first-ever federal standards on carbon pollution from power plants. In the brief, the groups identify climate change as a pressing issue
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Gun Violence and the Pro-Life Movement (podcast)

What is an appropriate relationship between a Christian and guns?  As gun ownership is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment and is increasing in popularity, Christians are free to seek the answer to this question for themselves, and emotions are strong in both directions. In this episode of the National Council of Churches Podcast, we will talk
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Terror Attacks in Brussels, Pakistan, and Across the World

The National Council of Churches mourns for those who died in recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium, and Lahore, Pakistan and prays for those who are recovering from injuries. We condemn all acts of violence that intentionally target innocent people. We view these incidents as attacks on individual human lives, communities, people of faith, and
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Recidivism and Re-entry: What Churches Can Do (podcast)

Many churches today are involved in ministry to people who are serving time in prison.  But a growing number of churches are becoming involved in ministry to prisoners AFTER they are released. In this episode of the National Council of Churches Podcast, we will talk to Rev. Dr. Harold Dean Trulear, who teaches at Howard
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Prayers for victims of bomb blasts

The NCC echoes these words from the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.): God of grace and peace, we pray for the city of Brussels and the people of Belgium. Help and heal the wounded, receive the dying into your embrace, and comfort those who mourn. Strengthen rescue and relief workers who protect and provide for others in
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Prisons and the Profit Motive (podcast)

Has mass incarceration become part of what is seen today as a good business model?  What effect has privatization had on the rehabilitation of prisoners? Today we will discuss the profit motive as one of the forces behind the mass incarceration crisis, and, specifically, how companies that provide mental health services in the prison system
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When Following Jesus Meets Boko Haram (podcast)

Issues surrounding war and peace are as controversial today as they have been in the past.  Among the member communions of the National Council of Churches, approaches to war and peace are as varied as are the communions themselves.   In this episode we’ll talk with Nathan Hosler with the Church of the Brethren’s Office
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A Treasure of the Church: The NRSV Bible (podcast)

When the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible was published in 1989, it was accepted as the scholarly standard, a brilliant word-for-word translation of the very earliest manuscripts available.  Breaking new ground by using the gender-neutral terms used in the original languages, in some places the New Revised Standard Version, or NRSV, inspired controversy
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An Open Letter to Wendy’s Restaurants

March 1, 2016 Dear Emil Brolick, Nelson Peltz, and the Wendy’s Board of Directors, We write as members of the executive committee of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA and as leaders of national faith bodies whose members care deeply about human rights, believing all people are created in God’s image,
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