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Bud Heckman on Interfaith and Changing Attitudes (podcast)

With anti-minority messages sweeping the media and the political campaigns, many people are scratching their heads about what to do about it.  We live in a time when social media, TV networks, and even our churches offer few chances to meet people who are different from us.  So when Jesus tells us to love our
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Statement Upon the Death of Shimon Peres

The duty of leaders is to pursue freedom ceaselessly, even in the face of hostility, in the face of doubt and disappointment. Just imagine what could be. -Shimon Peres The National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA mourns the death of Shimon Peres, former Prime Minister and President of Israel, and Nobel
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“Executing Grace:” a conversation with Shane Claiborne (podcast)

Shane Claiborne is a name known to many mainline Christians, Evangelicals, and Emergent Church devotees.  Shane’s lifestyle of simplicity and solidarity with the poor echoes the lifestyle of Jesus in ways bound to make even the most devoted among us uncomfortable. In this episode, we will talk with the always provocative Shane Claiborne, who in
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Statement by General Secretaries Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit and Jim Winkler given at the NCC/WCC Consultation on the Holy Land

Statement by General Secretaries Rev. Dr. Olav Fykse Tveit (World Council of Churches) and Jim Winkler (National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA) NCC/WCC Consultation on the Holy Land September 14, 2016 No people should be denied their rights and, certainly, no people should be denied their rights for generations. The unresolved
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Food Waste, Food Sharing: Gary Oppenheimer (podcast)

Food pantries and food drives are one of the great staples of American charity.  They are everywhere, in cities big and small.  But there’s an aspect to them that never occurred to me until I started talking to our guest, Gary Oppenheimer. Having grown a cucumber plant or two in my life, I am familiar
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Making Peace and Following Jesus: an interview with Jer Swigart (podcast)

With a society that is becoming more and more divided, with a contentious political race ahead, and with global conflict on the rise, the world is in need for a church that carries out its role as a maker of justice and peace.  Are the American Churches, Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical, and Mainline, ready to do
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Kenneth Briggs on “The Invisible Bestseller”

With Bible sales on the rise, and with its ongoing reputation as the best-selling book of all time, one might surmise that we’re in a golden age of Bible literacy and moral development.  A quick look around today might lead one to a different set of conclusions. Today we discuss the Bible, it’s role in
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God, the Baltimore Police, and Everytown

By Rev. Steven D. Martin and Keith Swartzendruber, National Council of Churches Over a year ago, Baltimore erupted into violence after the funeral of Freddie Gray, a young man who died in police custody.  At the time, Gray’s death was considered to be the fault of “a few bad apples” in the Baltimore Police Department
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Here Comes the Apocalypse: With Alissa Wilkinson and Robert Joustra (podcast)

Still looking for a good book for your August week at the beach?  If reading about nuclear weapons wasn’t your cup of tea, how about another book about the end of the world? This week we will talk with Alissa Wilkinson and Robert Joustra, authors of “How to Survive the Apocalypse: Zombies, Cylons, Faith, and
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Nuclear Weapons and Non-Violence: Author Dan Zak (podcast)

In July 2012, three protesters, an 84-year-old Catholic nun among them, broke into a secure facility in Oak Ridge, TN, where the United States stockpiles its highly enriched uranium.  The break-in, in which fences were cut, slogans were painted, and human blood was poured on the facility’s walls, is widely known to be the most
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